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Our Philosophy

Life isn't that easy but trust us and it sure will be. Cy24 seeks to provide services to meet and accept your daily needs with ultimate efficiency. It delivers services that you need, all it takes is a tap on the app.

Why Use Cyprus24?

  • Gives users the choice between service providers.
  • Quality control over service providers.
  • Helps you to manage all your bookings from one platform.
  • Regular offers, promotions and loyalty schemes.

Our Services

Download Cyprus24 on your phone and enjoy numerous services

A clean & dreamy house

Too busy? too tired? even bored of cleaning or tidying? that's fine too, we will be at your doorstep upon a request.


Pet service

Despite your hectic schedule, that fluffy loveable pet of yours still needs care and grooming.



Try living without them for a day, challenging right?


Care services

An extra pair of helping hands is what we all need at times.


Car services

It's safe to say that most of us use our own cars as means of transport, therefore our cars need extra care in the hands of a trusted expert.

safety before anything trust us with your car and the best car services in town.



Organizing events can be stressful and it can take it's toll on you. The chances are that when you organize an event you want to be on point and not disappoint anyone


Business services

Trust the trustworthy


Beauty for her

Yes, it is true that beauty is skin deep, but we all need to indulge ourselves once in a while.


Beauty for him

Gentlemen? women love a well-groomed man. Life doesn't need to get in the middle of that.


Fitness services

Healthy mind in a healthy body, what are you waiting for? go look at your options and select the one that fits you best and get going...


Marine services

Is it a maintenance you need for your yacht? Does she need to be insured for safety reasons? The wiring needs rewiring? Not a thing to worry… we’ve got your back.



If you wish to build a future, plant seeds and grow roots as a person first educate yourself and then take it from there, if anything it is going to pave the way to success for you.

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Perks of working with us

  • Cyprus24 is the right platform to introduce your business to a larger client base.
  • Cyprus24 can give your business the visibility that it needs.
  • It helps you to capitalize on your resources and generate more work.
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Let us find the right expert

Find the best possible services on the island with one tap, at any given time. Whether you are searching for a good makeup artist, or a mechanic, this app gives you the opportunity to explore as many options as possible and find what you are looking for according to your preferences. By this app we guarantee you:

Flexibility: By making it as easy as possible for you to be able to book your desired services at a time most convenient for you.

Practicality: Trying to have a work-life balance? This app will help you to manage all your bookings from self care, to home maintenance simultaneously.

We focus on many different industries such as:

  • Home & office
  • Pet Care
  • Car Services
  • Business Services
  • Electronics
  • Entertainment
  • Marine Services
  • Care Services
  • Education
  • Fitness & Health

Quality: As a mediator between service providers and customers, we guarantee quality services by making sure to cooperate with competent experts.